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A true brave and noble general, who lead an ambitious life. Among his greatest achievements are leading his forces with Duncan and Macbeth against the oncoming attack of Norway. It is believed that Banquo’s sons were in line to inherit the throne. It is known that there was a tension between Macbeth and Banquo due to the succession of the throne, however, weather the sudden death of Banquo is related to this is unknown to the media.

Banquo was ambushed on his way to a royal feast by three unnamed murderers. His son, Fleance, was able to escape. His whereabouts are unknown at this time.

The last battle of Macbeth had Macbeth thinking he would easily walk away with a victory. Witches said that no man born of a woman would harm him, and that he would only lose when Great Birnam forest met with Dunsinane Hill. These two predictions alone gave him a mentality that he would be invisible to any and everything. However, the enemy had a plan to use a form of camouflage to create a wall of trees. Their tactic was an idea that would late be known as modern camouflage. Some examples being used today are patterns on vehicles, ghillie suit. Macbeth could not determine the number of people moving towards his castle. It had been the first time that a game plan like this had befallen Macbeth. It delayed his reaction, because for him seeing was believing. Nothing had changed about the forest other than it was slightly getting closer. Knowing Macbeth he would not spend his time staring out the window to check if the forest had moved. He was off preparing for battle and wrangling up the few unfaithful soldiers that were scared to leave. Finally he realized that the impossible happened and branches carrying swords marched to his front door. It worried him, because one of the witch’s predictions had proven to be true. Back in his mind he made a connection about how when his predictions unfolded the rest followed. The rest played out exactly how the witches had said. Macbeth finally greeted death.

Macbeth Rap

Lady Macduff and her son were found”at peace” in their house earlier today. On scene investigation revealed that they both received numerous stab wounds. Further findings show that the boy struggle first and passed while his mother tried to flee. Sadly, she was overtaken by the murders. No one can comprehend seeing their child’s life taken in front of their eyes but the ones who went through it. It is bad enough having them leave this world before you. Macduff was nowhere to be found. Rumor has it that he is aiding Malcolm to raise an army against Macbeth. He would be tried for treason if he were to enter back into the kingdom. However, here at the post we hope that he will seek revenge on who ever wiped out his family. Ross was seen slipping out the back gate late one night with intent to bring news to Macduff of his loss of family. Events like this are no longer a rare occurrence. This death falls into a line of murders that have been occurring since the crowning of the new King Macbeth. From an eye witness there was said to have been one man who entered into the Macduff house hold just before they were killed. The whereabouts of this man are unknown. Three men were seen fleeing from the scene as the community guards arrived.  May those men be found and beheaded for this heartless crime of killing an innocent mother and her son. What have times come to now, where this does not cause uproar to question authority and the safety of our families. Seemingly this appeared to be almost perfect timing for both parties to slip right by each other simultaneously. Word is rising on whether or not the king has been in contact with the murders of these deeds. One fact is that anyone who puts Macbeth’s rule in question will be eliminated. If you have any details regarding this crime please call 1-800-NO-DEATH. Service will be held for them at the local church on Monday at 1:00 pm