Growing up and going through the secondary education, I never really questioned what my schooling was for or even worth it until senior year. Etched in stone for the next step after high school for many of us is college. To be honest, I had never sat down and thought about alternatives to this path. My whole perspective changed in one class senior year. After the end, I would never be the same. Walking in at the beginning of the school year, groups form and choose a project to work on for the rest of the semester. In short, I was so engrossed in our project that I would often loose track of time while working. That semester I learned more in those late hours reading and exploring than any other class in my educational history. A need seed was planted and it was self-directed learning. Taking this experience with me to FIRST Robotics and sharing it their with important people at a luncheon where I represented students is what would turn out to be the pivot point in my life. From this encounter, I would welcome a handle full of new mentors into my life. I knew something had happened that day that would change my life but did I ever underestimate the impact of those relationships. Multiple internships, trips across America, a whole network foundation, and memories to last a life time are a few of the benefits that would come from my mentors.

Let us dive into one specific trip to San Francisco for an extended weekend. Uncollege is an organization that strives to show students that college is not the answer for everyone. They want everyone to hack their education and be in the drivers seat weather you are a drop out or an undergraduate. From then on out, I started questioning and becoming aware for what a college education really was and could be. Was my degree enough to get hired for a career? Could I take other paths? I began seeking out answers and attending conferences. 

My question was sparked by the proposal of David Rey at TEDxOU 2014. He asked us the students to answer “What is a college education?”. I highly suggest watching the video. Why are you in college? Will your degree be enough? I know I am learning a lot about OSU CS Dept that I did not know. I will only say one thing and that is that they have never had ABET accreditation. We need to be informed about what we are investing are time and money into. 



I found that each article brought something a bit different to the table. Digging down and capturing exactly what the author is saying can be difficult. With my question, everyone defines college education differently. Some tend to say what is lacking and skills that we need outside of our degree. Others focus on what it means to not get a college degree. While, some focus on what already is there and how to make the most of it. I have been taking all of these sources in and weighing what they have to say. My view on my opportunity alone that I am in college has greatly increased. We are blessed to be able to further our education and invest in our future. Self realization and  inner growth are huge parts of growing while in college. Numerous articles talked about the improvement of oneself. By doing these summaries, I have to look deep into meaning because I have to explain what they are conveying. This can be difficult when reading a scholarly article. Sometimes they use language that is not to the point but the meaning is hidden within words. Next time, I will skim over sources before deciding on them. Some sources I want to write more on and it is hard not to. For example, the research report is sixty plus pages and it is hard to define down to a couple of sentences what they are proving. 

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Macduff and Prince Malcolm, son of the murdered King Duncan, have joined forces in attempt to take down Macbeth. Macduff, who has been against Macbeth reign as king from the start, also seeks revenge of his wife and young son, who Macbeth murdered. Since taking the throne, Macbeth has frightened the noblemen with his tyrannical and murderous behavior. Macduff and Prince Malcolm have the full support of the people.

Not only will Macbeth have to deal with the English army, he will also battle with a heavy heart. Lady Macbeth has passed today, her cause of death is unknown at this time. There is speculation that her death was a suicide.

Macduff and Prince Malcolm are set up just outside of Macbeth’s castle in the forest, Birnam Wood. Their move on Dunsinane is sure to come soon. We will have full coverage of the war when Macduff and Prince Malcolm make a move.

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